Bruno’s Home Furnishings


The Little Store That Grew Up BIG!

Rather like that of the princess in the children’s story “The Princess and the Pea”, the Bruno Family story begins with a mattress at the Stockyards in 1951.While Bruno’s has grown from a single store front, today Bruno’s Home Furnishings is one of the most respected furniture retailers in the Midwest with over 35,000 sq. ft. of diverse furniture styles and possibly THE BEST assortment of accessories in Oklahoma City and possibly the State!For three generations, we have greeted our customers with a smile and adifferent shopping experience. Furniture trends may come and go, but ”our” timeless style and consistency of quality and service endure.

About Us






The Bruno’s family is still very much involved in the day to day operations. “All of our staff are like family and have been with us for more than 10 years, with a few that have reached their 25 year anniversary.”


Visit Bruno’s at N.W. 36th & Western and stroll through the amazing home decor. You’ll love the ambiance, affordable prices, the variety and our low-pressure approach!

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